Foreign languages for everyone

Our trainings: French as a foreign language (FLE), English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, etc

Invest in a foreign language training designed with you in mind

-100% tailor-made courses with an experimented teacher, especially chosen for you amongst our 
-Total beginners: learn and practice the basics
-All levels: improve vocabulary and expression
-Advanced: get rid of your mistakes and speak with conviction
-Individual lessons : face-to-face, over teh phone / Small group courses / E-Learning (FLE, English, Spanish, Italian, German)

Enjoy a flexible and efficient organization

-Meet your teacher at your office or at home
-Can't make it? We postpone your courses within 48 hours
-Need to prepare for a specific occasion? (professional interviwe, presentation, meeting…)? Practice with your teacher during your lesson

-10% discount on any new booking from 1st to 30th September 2014 2014

Discount to be made on the total HT of your new contract, according to the 2014 fees

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