Our language courses

What do we do ? Practical trainings that correspond to your profile

  • We train you to communicate with the persons you really exchange with, in the situations that you really experience in your professional and daily life.
  • You practice every day what you have learnt. Your new skills are put into practice immediately
  • We respect your own pace in learning: all our programs adapt to you (content, duration).
  • We are a human-scale school that facilitates communication.

Why do we do it ? To provide you with the best atmosphere to learn efficiently

Our objectives for you :

  • Guide your learning of a language and a culture.
  • Provide you with the tools, methods and opportunities to express yourself.
  • Ensure that you master the linguistic skills, vocabulary, and language traps.
  • Adapt to your specific language situations.

Our method :

  • Our reference frame is the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). 6 levels from A1 (basic user/beginner) to C2 (proficient user/upper advanced).
  • We prepare your training organization and explain it to you to ensure maximum comfort and success.
  • Our teachers prepare the objectives, programs and choose the materials according to your level and needs.
  • The common structure of all courses focuses on learning and practicing the 4 skills : oral and written understanding and expression.
  • Culture and informal learning are included in the learning situations, so that you have a global practice of the language.  

Our tools :

  • Real life and academic materials, selected from up-to-date and reliable references.
  • Written, audio, visual, digital documents.
  • Topics of general or specific interest, chosen and compiled progressively according to the participants’ needs.