Who are we ?




   French touch Teachers

Olivia LAFOND started the French touch, L&C, in 2012. She manages the company and the team of average 12 teachers.

In 2017, she starts a partnership with Bike'n Learn and Sophie Tellier for active trainings in companies.


Gaëlle, Marc, Tim, Kristina, Dylan, Stephanie, Nancy, Nicolas, Phelim, Geraldine, Nicolas, Brittany, Katrin, Lee, Claire, Eliana, Tatiana

Our team gathers independants native language teachers who have chose to provide the French touch, L&C, with their talents, their experience and their creativity.

•7 years experience in training languages and cultures : teachers in public secondary schools, at University and in language schools.

  •Solid experience and skills in teaching thier native alngauge as a foreign language : evaluation, tailor-made approach, pro active communication (Master FLECELTADELTA...) 

•8 years experience in sales and  management in Parisin language schools, courses coordinator for OECD in Paris, international client manager.

  •Knowledge of French and other cultures ways of learning.
•As the person in charge for the company, she is accountable for courses organization.   Professionnalism: organization, punctuality, pro activity, corporate codes and habits.
•She is part of non profit organization association New-attitude, and supports a women and work organization called  L se réalisent.   •Interpersonal skills, good listeners, good consultants.
•Member and Consultant Director : BNI (Business Network Internationa)    •A special touch : teachers have 2 professional activites because they do have many talents : translation, coaching, movie directing, dance...

You would like to join our team ?

We recruit teachers all year long in Paris. Send your CV, availibilities, and conditions to :info@thefrenchtouchlc.com